Work plan

WP1: Theory and modelling (lead: CNRS)

The first work package (WP) focuses on theory/modelling of electron, phonon and near-field/photon heat transfer and electro-thermal engineering. Theoretical tools linked to top-down and bottom-up approaches involving transport in micro and nanostructures down to molecular channels, are adapted in the linear and non-linear regimes.

WP contributors: CNRS, VTT, UOL, UDUR, IBM.

WP2: Components (lead: IBM)

Electro-thermal micro- and nano-components and elements are developed in this WP and they are characterized electrically and thermally. Experimental iterations are performed with strong theoretical/modelling support from WP1. The bulk of the development work for the applications of WP3 is performed in this WP.

WP contributors: IBM, VTT, UOL, UDUR.

WP3: Applications and instrumentation (lead: VTT)

Specifications for instrumentation and applications are given in this WP. Advanced scientific instruments for the electrothermal and near-field studies of WP2 are constructed. Proof-of-concept EFINED device is designed, fabricated and demonstrated using the elements of WP2.

WP contributors: VTT, UOL, CNRS, IBM.

WP4 - Management, dissemination and exploitation (lead: VTT)

This WP includes project management, dissemination, and exploitation activities. The goal is to maximize impact of the research and propose and initialize exploitation plans.

WP contributors: VTT, UOL, UDUR, IBM, CNRS.